Cold Feet
Simon Delaney
James Nesbitt
Place of publishing unknown: DVD Video, 2007
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Playing time
200, 150, 150,180, 200, 230, 210, 210, 150 en 150 min.
Taalkeuze : Engels, Nederlands ondertiteld
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About Simon Delaney

Simon Delaney (born 2 September 1970) is an Irish actor, director and television presenter. He is known for appearances in a range of films and television series such as RTÉ's comedy-drama Bachelors Walk and CBS' legal drama The Good Wife, and in the films Zonad (2009), Delivery Man (2013) and The Conjuring 2 (2016). Delaney hosts the Virgin Media One morning show Weekend AM.

Personal life

Delaney was born in his family home in Raheny, Dublin. His father was a printer, who worked for Smurfit's and was also part of show-bands in the 1960s. Delaney married Lisa Muddiman in 2005. In June 2016, the couple welcomed their fourth child.


Delaney's early work includes being a "Ballydung Player" (one of the actors on A Scare at Bedtime). His first high-profile role was for the RTÉ television series Bachelors Walk…Read more on Wikipedia