Sneeuw in Virgin River

Robyn Carr (author), Janke Ouwehand (translator)
Deel 14 van de populaire serie Virgin River, het bingewatch-succes op Netflix.

Rebecca Timms snapt het niet. Doug is de perfecte man voor haar. Waarom kan ze haar oude liefde, Denny Cutler, dan niet vergeten? Er zit niets anders op: ze zal moeten uitzoeken waarom het tussen Denny en haar stukliep en wat haar gevoelens voor hem zijn. Dus besluit ze hem vlak voor Kerstmis op te z
Sneeuw in Virgin River
Robyn Carr
Janke Ouwehand
Original language
Original title
Bring me home for Christmas
Amsterdam: HarperCollins, 2022
269 p.
Verfilmd als gelijknamige Netflix-original-serie
9789402709780 (paperback)

About Robyn Carr

Robyn Carr is an American author. She is the writer of the Virgin River series of books and has written more than fifty novels. Her novels have been on The New York Times Best Seller list, including titles such as The Hero.

She is also an executive producer on the television adaptation of Virgin River.


Carr studied nursing in college. She married her high school sweetheart just before he left for the US Air Force as a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. Carr followed her new husband from base to base, and because they did not stay in any one place for very long, she was unable to pursue her nursing career. When a difficult pregnancy required her to be off of her feet, Carr turned to romance novels to distract herself. She soon decided to write her own novels.

Carr has since published dozens of historical and contemporary romance novels, a suspense novel, a non-fiction work, sh…Read more on Wikipedia