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Schieten met hagel

Rania Abouzeid (author)

Schieten met hagel

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National geographic Nederland-Belgie, 2018, juni, p. 116-123
Schieten met hagel
Rania Abouzeid

About Rania Abouzeid

Rania Abouzeid is a Lebanese Australian journalist who has extensively covered the war in Syria.


Rania Abouzeid was born in New Zealand to Lebanese parents. She was raised in Australia regularly visiting Beirut to see family during holidays. Abouzeid attended the University of Melbourne, Australia. Since then she has worked for the New Yorker, TIME, Politico, The Guardian and many other publications. Abouzeid is based in Beirut. In 2014 her story The Jihad next door won a George Polk award as well as the Michael Kelly Award. Abouzeid won the Kurt Schork Award in International Journalism in 2013. As well as her print work, Abouzeid has created documentaries, her first being Syria: Behind Rebel Lines. She has also written books about the conflict. Abouzeid has been awarded fellowships from the European Council on Foreign Relations, Harvard, Columbia and New America. Her first book won the Cornelius Ryan Award…Read more on Wikipedia