About Lucía Puenzo

Lucía Puenzo (born 28 November 1976, Buenos Aires) is an Argentine author, screenwriter and film director. She is the daughter of the Oscar-winning film director, producer, and screenplay writer, Luis Puenzo.

Early life

Puenzo studied literature at the University of Buenos Aires and proceeded to attend the ENERC, film school of the National Film Institute from Argentina (INCAA), where she graduated. She has done work with feature films, documentary films and mini series.


Puenzo began her career in the film industry as a screenwriter; her first work being The Whore and the Whale (2002) She also wrote the screenplay for the film Through Your Eyes (2007), which was based on the short story "Cinismo", by the Argentine writer Sergio Bizzio. Within the same year, Puenzo made her debut as a director with the film, XXY (2007).

In much of her work, Puenzo focuses on childhood and ado…Read more on Wikipedia