De beste gedichten van Jotie t'Hooft

Jotie T'Hooft (author), Hugo Brems (compiler)

De beste gedichten van Jotie t'Hooft

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De beste gedichten van Jotie t'Hooft / t' Hooft, Jotie ; samengest. en ingel. door Brems, Hugo
Jotie T'Hooft
Hugo Brems
Antwerpen: Manteau, 1993
105 p.

About Jotie T'Hooft

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Johan Geeraard Adriaan T'Hooft (9 May 1956 – 6 October 1977) was a Flemish Belgian neo-romantic poet. He is well known for his hippie/junkie lifestyle, death-related poetry and early death at age 21 from a drug-related suicide. These elements have made him a legend in his native country. His life and death by overdose were made into a movie, the English title Junkie's Sorrow.


Jotie T'Hooft was born in Oudenaarde, Belgium. He was an only child. During his younger years, he was an excellent student, but had difficulties adjusting to life as a secondary school student. He was expelled from several schools by the time he was 14. It is then that he sought safety in literature, especially the works of Franz Kafka and Hermann Hesse, and in drugs. He moved out at age 17 to study in Ghent. However, his drug habit prevented him from ever beginning his studies. In 1973 T'Hooft made his first suicide attempt. He married in 1974. His f…Read more on Wikipedia