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About Harmony Korine

Harmony Korine (born January 4, 1973) is an American director, contemporary artist, producer, actor, screenwriter, author, photographer and skateboarder. He is best known for his films which feature his erratic, loose and transgressive aesthetic, exploring taboo themes and incorporating experimental techniques, as well as his various endeavors into art, music, fashion and advertising.

He has been acclaimed for his films Gummo (1997) and Julien Donkey-Boy (1999) which explore unconventional narratives and themes of dysfunctional families, as well as Mister Lonely (2007), Spring Breakers (2012) and The Beach Bum (2019).

Early life

Korine was born to a Jewish family in Bolinas, California, the son of Eve and Sol Korine. His father was an Iranian Jewish immigrant. His father was a tapdancer and produced documentaries for PBS in the 1970s about an "array of colorful Southern characters"; he wo…Read more on Wikipedia