Windkracht 10. Reeks 2

Erik Van Looy (director), Pierre De Clercq (author of screenplay)
Deze fictie-reeks speelt zich af op de basis in Koksijde, waar het 40e squadron vliegt met de Westland Sea King Mk48. Per aflevering zijn er een of meerdere scrambles of (reddings)operaties.
Dl. 5 afl. 14: Water en vuur, afl. 15: Strepen zijn zilver, zwijgen is goud, afl. 16: Nieuwe vaders
Dl. 6 afl. 17: Overboord, afl. 18: Reünie, afl. 19: Vriend in nood, afl. 20: Een vrije dag
Dl. 7 afl. 21: Kwaad bloed, afl. 22: Wie zoet is krijgt lekkers, afl. 23: Twee huwelijken en een scramble
Windkracht 10. Reeks 2
Erik Van Looy
Author of screenplay
Pierre De Clercq
Place of publishing unknown: Vintage films, [2004]
3 dvd-video's (10 afl.)
Recording date
Playing time
ca. 6 min.
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About Erik Van Looy

Erik Ludovicus Maria Van Looy (Dutch: [ˈeːrɪk fɑn ˈloːi]) is a Belgian film director known for his thriller movies. He was born on 26 April 1962.

Van Looy is also a popular television host in Flanders who hosts De Slimste Mens ter Wereld (The Smartest Person on Earth), and has hosted De Pappenheimers. The former is a television show aired on VIER where Van Looy and his team of comical judges are on a quest to find the world's smartest person, i.e., the one who has the best knowledge of politics, history, arts, sports, media and film.

Awards and recognition

His most famous films The Alzheimer Case and Loft have been widely appreciated by Flemish audiences as well as Flemish critics, with Loft even selling the most admission tickets of any Flemish …Read more on Wikipedia