About Dennis Bots

Dennis Bots (born 11 June 1974) is a Zambian-Dutch film director.


Dennis Bots was born in the Zambian city of Kitwe in 1974. His Dutch parents lived in Zambia, where his father was employed. As an infant, he moved to the Dutch town of Gemert. Bots's father was an avid amateur filmmaker, and Bots made his first film, Shetani, at the age of 12, about an African statue that was bought in the Wereldwinkel and contained a spirit. Bots cites as influences films from his childhood, such as Stand By Me, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and The Neverending Story. He attended Macropedius College and worked for the local broadcaster for several years. At the age of 18, Bots moved to Amsterdam to study film.

In 1996, Bots graduated from the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam. He began his career working in television, directing episodes of TV series Goudkust, Rozengeur & Wodka…Read more on Wikipedia