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About Benoît Delépine

CC BY-SA 3.0 - Image by Georges Biard

Benoît Delépine (born 30 August 1958) is a French comedian and film director. He is known for his satirical activities on TV channel Canal+.

Director of the TV program Guignols de l'info for many years, he currently writes TV programs about the fictional country of Groland. He also plays the cynical journalist-reporter Mickael Kael.

In the cinema, Delépine has written and performed in two films. Mickael Kael contre la World News Company, a chess commercial, reprising two elements of the fictional career of the director: his role as a reporter for Groland and the World Company, which he contributed to create for Les Guignols.

In 2004, Aaltra, which he wrote, directed, and starred in with Gustave Kervern enjoyed critical success. The two companions from the Groland adventure wrote and directed it as a road movie where two enemies travel the roads of northern France and Finland following an accident. With Kervern, he also …Read more on Wikipedia